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Anxiety Toolkit: 57 Methods To Manage Anxiety And Stress Without Medication
Anxiety is dark, cold, scary, and confusing. More than that, it can be debilitating. Anxiety has the potential to affect[...]
8 Methods To Take Control of the Habits That Are Controlling You
Kicking bad habits can seem impossible sometimes. If you are anything like me, there are certain habits you have been[...]
Five Books That Can Change The Trajectory Of Your Life
I've been reading like a madman recently, hopefully, you have too. Recently, I wrote a post stating that for the[...]

Genius Learned.
Who is smarter: the man born a genius that oozes into his couch playing Xbox, or the man who comes[...]
4 Reasons Everyone Should Experiment With Fasting
Fasting for 24 hours was unlike anything I've ever been experienced. Waves of hunger pains overwhelmed my body and my[...]
The Disciplined Man Controls His Destiny
The Disciplined Man Line up 10 people side by side and it will be obvious who has the most discipline.[...]
Achieve The Relationship Of Your Dreams With These 9 Easy To Implement Strategies
A romantic relationship can be stale and cold or it can fill you with warmth, energy, and a sense of[...]

Balancing Control of Emotions – When Do You Let Go? (Guest Post)
Balancing Control of Your Emotions During the late 1800s, there was a man. Not just any man, a brilliant one.[...]
Mindset Shifts For Rock Solid Mental Stability
Those of us facing depression and anxiety naturally deal with more bad days than good. These bad days feed a[...]
Religion-Neutral Bible Verses To Soothe Your Troubled Mind
Whether you believe in God or not, it is hard to dismiss the fact that the Bible is the most[...]
Will You Ever Snap Out of The Nightmare of Depression and Anxiety?
Anyone who has ever suffered for extended periods of time has wondered if they will ever fully recover from depression or[...]

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