Life Lessons From As A Man Thinketh (With Full Book In Audio)

This post will serve as an official As A Man Thinketh review. However, our As a Man Thinketh review can be summed up in four words: the best book ever.

Since the review is already summarized, I will instead share some of the deepest lessons from within and do my best to expand on them without ruining their integrity.

Of the roughly 1000 books I have read, no other book has come close to influencing my life more…And it is only 26 pages long. Since finding the audio narration (provided below), I have devoured the contents of this booklet, at minimum, 25 times within the last six months. Some go to University…Instead, I sit in my room and meditate on this knowledge.

The information within As a Man Thinketh is so dense that each sentence can be thought about and meditated upon for days at a time. If you have never read it, do yourself an enormous favor and listen to the audio narration below. It will be the most transformational 49 minutes of your life.

*All headlines are quotes or direct thoughts from the book and author James Allen. Commentary below is me adding on to the thoughts*


#1. Man is a creative power

Unlike animals, humans have the ability to think for themselves. The thoughts we allow to roam our mind, then, create our reality.

Not realizing he is a creative power, the average man wastes his thoughts and allows the current of life to take him wherever it wills. However, the wise man who prunes his mind of ineffective and evil thoughts decides where he wishes to end up in life.

By intelligently choosing his thoughts, a man will soon see the conditions of his life change. A man’s outer circumstances, over time, will always reveal his inner state. As James Allen says “there is no lasting element of chance” in life.

You can create the life you desire if you would only allow your thoughts and actions to align with that life. This is the blessing of being a creative power.


#2. Cause and effect are undeviating

Law, not confusion is the dominating force in the universe

If a farmer went out into the fields and planted seeds of wheat, what would grow? Of course, nothing but wheat could grow from a wheat seed. The same is true of our thoughts and actions. We cannot harbor evil, resentful, jealous, or any other negative thoughts and expect to receive good results.

Therefore, if we wish to get out of debt, we must stop thinking about debt and start thinking about creating wealth. If we wish to improve our health condition, we must stop thinking about the condition and start thinking about good health…As philosophers unanimously agree “we become what we think about”.


#3. Circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him

Everyone will face trials in their life. How we respond to those circumstances will reveal how much mental preparation we have been through. Trials will put our character on stage and see if it knows how to dance.

The unprepared are blown about by the winds of life. They cry and ball up in pity when life does not go their way. However, the knowledgeable and wise do not fear circumstances. Instead, the wise use all circumstances, even the unpleasant ones, to advance their life, experience, and knowledge. In this case, “mental suffering ceases for him who is wise“.

That is true power.


#4. A man’s life is and always was justly ordered

A man only becomes a man when he ceases to whine and revile

There is much debate as to whether or not life is good or hard. But one must only right themselves and lift up their thoughts to realize that life is fair and as good as one wills it to be.

Once we understand the power of thought and its effect on creativity and circumstance, we must only work consistently to lift up our thoughts. As we diligently alter our thoughts about people and conditions, we will notice people and conditions altering towards us. There is nothing wrong with life. Only our poor attitudes towards life and the resulting thoughts and actions compounded over time cause problems.

Therefore, complaining is useless and immature. We should instead think highly of all and learn to find the good in every situation. Then, we can live “inside the very portals of heaven


#5. Aimlessness is a vice

Every man needs a purpose. Without goals, we have nothing to keep our thoughts and behaviors in line. However, with a set purpose at the forefront of our minds, we know the road we need to travel.

The greater our purpose, the easier it will be to sacrifice daily comforts. With a grand plan for life, even the most trivial of disciplines becomes exciting and fulfilling. Additionally, our great purpose, when pursued diligently, will grow so large in our minds that it will strangle the weeds of negative thinking that could otherwise deteriorate our circumstances.

For this very reason, I find goals to be the best anti-depressant and the best anti-anxiety medication available.

Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force


#6. You will gravitate towards that which you most secretly love

Today, we call this the law of attraction. Whatever you call it, the thought or desire which you hold most frequently in your mind will inevitably become reality.

You cannot move within and stand still without. If you desire wealth, how long must you think about it before you take action or start to feel the tug of failure from within? How long can we daydream about a better physique before we finally enter the gym? How many books can we read on a subject before trying our hand at it?

Now, this can work in reverse as well so we must be careful. The law of attraction explains in full why we need to avoid negative thinking. If our most prevalent thoughts are less than noble, it will only be a matter of time before our circumstances begin to work against us. Then, we really have things to be negative about and no training in how to control those thoughts.

Remember: cause and effect are undeviating. The mind will return whatever is planted in greater amounts than the seed that was sown, but it does not care what you plant.


#7. Luck is a long and arduous journey

Outsiders viewing someone achieve success love to use the word “luck”. The word luck makes us feel better about our underachievements and assumes that the successful individual bypassed some law of the universe that we are stuck behind.

In reality, luck is a byproduct of relentless effort. The “lucky” person has likely been through countless failures and willingly picked himself back up. Furthermore, the successful person undoubtedly puts in longer hours, applies more optimistic thinking, and has faith in the powers that be.

A man’s luck is a combination of his work ethic, attitude, and resolve to see his dream through to completion. Nothing more, nothing less. You, too, can be lucky if you are willing to work for it.

'Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get, but that which he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified when they harmonize with his thougths and actions'


Now, enjoy the audio narration courtesy of VYBO 

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Narrated by Earl Nightingale

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Sonny - 05/02/2018 Reply

# 5 really resonated with me.

For too long did I flounder, having no direction and no goals.

Since I’ve found my purpose, I’ve found direction, and it’s amazing how much your life changes for the better when you’re actually going somewhere.

You said it perfectly, and this is incredibly true: “I find goals to be the best anti-depressant and the best anti-anxiety medication available.”

Excellent post Regan, keep it up!


    Regan - 05/02/2018 Reply

    Thanks Sonny, glad you enjoyed it.

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Stay hungry.

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