An Overview Of Phenibut – The Most Potent Anti Anxiety Supplement Available

benefits of phenibut

Are you ready to give up on supplements?

Have you been searching endlessly for an over the counter anti-anxiety product that actually works?

Has reality taught you that 90% of supplements aimed at dealing with anxiety are garbage and don’t do anything?

If you haven’t realized that yet, I’m here to help you skip the line and save some money in the process.

If you have tried other supplements without any success and are about to give up, I want to share one more that may change your mind.

That supplement is Phenibut.

Phenibut can be an absolute game changer for some people if used correctly and responsibly.

This is not medical advice, please read the disclaimer.


What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a 100% legal supplement that has powerful effects on the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain.

Phenibut is a giant when stacked against more common anti-anxiety supplements such as l-theanine or valerian root.

Unlike most anti-anxiety supplements, phenibut exhibits notable effects similar in strength to benzodiazepines without some of the nasty side effects.

How does it do this?

While most supplements get digested or eliminated before they reach the brain, phenibut actually has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

This leads to a direct impact on GABA levels in the brain.

If you are not aware, GABA is the equivalent of your cars brakes for your mind.

The neurotransmitter has even been referred to as “natures valium”

If you need a safe and effective way to kill anxiety without reducing your cognitive function, look no further than phenibut.

benefits of phenibut

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The Benefits of Phenibut

Even though phenibut is a legal supplement, it can have narcotic like strength if used inappropriately.

When used responsibly, phenibut can benefit you across the board from:  improving sleep quality, reducing social anxiety, and even benefiting your sex life.


Although it may take a reasonably high dose to be effective for sleep for some, that has not been the case for myself.

In fact, this is one of my personal favorite benefits of phenibut.

Anxiety has had an effect on my sleep quality for years.  When I take phenibut my sleep is better than I ever knew possible.

A one hour nap can literally feel like I slept for 10 hours.

I have taken naps a few hours after taking phenibut and upon waking I felt like it was a new day.

Since phenibut takes awhile to take effect, I often wake up feeling super refreshed and relaxed as the phenibut kicked in while I was asleep.

Furthermore, a normal nights sleep has the same potent restorative effect.

Phenibut can seriously cause your sleep quality to double especially if you struggle with anxiety.  It can also result in some seriously vivid dreams in my experience.

While under the influence of phenibut, I fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Despite the great sleep enhancement benefits, I can personally say it does not make me feel drowsy or reduce my mental clarity.


General Anxiety

Phenibut can be of great benefit for someone with general anxiety disorder.  The only problem is that phenibut is not meant to be taken daily.

I personally get maximum benefit when I consume it 1-2x per week.  Using phenibut more frequently may cause the benefits to diminish and potential for side effects to increase.

Fortunately, phenibut has a fairly long half life and I often feel a nice calm afterglow the next day as well.

For me, two days of calm is excellent from a dirt cheap supplement.

Phenibut very often starts a nice snowball effect if I take it at the beginning of the week.  I am calm and collected and get the week off to a nice start.

If you are looking to unwind while avoiding the party scene, it is also a great way to end your week.

Social Anxiety

Another one of the benefits of phenibut, and arguably the most effective, is phenibut’s ability to decrease social anxiety.

I work with people regularly at my job and I can tell a great decrease in anxiety during social situations while on phenibut.

If you get really nervous about going on dates, try some phenibut a few hours before.  You might be shocked how well it goes!

Phenibut Vs. Alcohol

It is no question that alcohol helps people with social anxiety and I believe it is safe to say that phenibut will calm your social nerves in a very similar fashion.

If you are looking for a social alternative to alcohol, phenibut is very likely your best bet.

Personally, I choose to avoid alcohol as much as possible.

I have a terrible family history of alcoholism and I find the cons (stupid decisions, hangovers, fatigue, etc) dramatically outweigh the pros of drinking.

When I go out with friends or some people I don’t know well, responsible phenibut use does a great job taking the edge off and helps me to be a social butterfly.

Phenibut is a great alcohol alternative, but it is not recommended to mix the two together.

Alcohols effects can be greatly potentiated by phenibut and two drinks may feel like a whole lot more.

Additionally, phenibut can take a few hours to kick in. If drinking simultaneously, you may end up with your head in the pavement.


The Benefits Of Phenibut For Sex

Most anti-anxiety drugs are notoriously harsh for libido.  Strangely enough, phenibut has a seemingly opposite effect.

Since it does such a good job of reducing anxiety, it is much easier for both men and women to slip into the mood. After all, anxiety is the biggest killer of libido.

For best results, I recommend taking it a few hours before so it has time to take effect.  A lower dose may work better in this situation.


You are going to have to play around with the dosing of phenibut.

Just like alcohol, everyone has different tolerance levels.

Factors that may play into this include:

  • body weight
  • frequency of alcohol consumption
  • previous anxiety medication use
  • previous food consumption
  • genetic factors

I can only give a place to start.  I found my dosing schedule from gll-getalife’s post on phenibut (this is also where I first heard about it).

For your first time I recommend taking your first dose in the morning on an empty stomach.

Start with one gram (1000mg).  After 45 minutes feel free to eat breakfast.

Roughly two hours after your initial consumption take another 500 mg if you feel necessary.

If after four hours of initial consumption you still feel like you need more, go ahead and take another 500mg.

I highly recommend for your first time that you wait it out and do not take more than this!

Like I mentioned before this stuff is strong.  When I first started I went all in.  I took one gram initially and after two hours I took another two grams.

At about the five hour mark it hit me like a train.

I felt an uncomfortable cross between being stoned and drunk which initially turned me away from this supplement for a few months.

This is not how you benefit from phenibut. 

Take notes the first time on how long it takes to kick in and how each 500mg dose affected you.

I also can’t recommend driving your first time taking phenibut.

Driving is no problem for me on a responsible dose, but if you don’t know how it effects you, play it safe.

Your second time around you should have a better idea of your response to a specific dose and can play around a bit.

Additionally, the different benefits of phenibut may require different dosages.  For example: for better sleep a higher dose may be more beneficial than it would be for improving social anxiety.


Where to Get Good Phenibut?

I personally use the phenibut from peaknootropics.

It is very high quality and the company has great customer service.  Any questions are usually answered on the same day, and shipping is fast.

I have ordered multiple products from this company and they are always high quality.

Peaknootropics also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!


benefits of phenibut



Side Effects

Okay, now maybe you are thinking all of the benefits of phenibut sound too good to be true.

I would be lying if I said you could take this everyday for the rest of your life and be fine.

Responsibly used it is super safe but here are a few possible side effects/negatives of phenibut:

  1. It generally takes 3+ hours to feel the benefits of phenibut
  2. You can only take it 1 or 2 times per week due to tolerance
  3. It can be addictive IF you abuse it.  It in itself is not addictive from responsible use.
  4. Overdosing can leave you feeling really zoned out for roughly 24 hours.  Follow the dosing suggestions laid out and this should be easily avoidable.



There you have it!

This is one supplement I highly recommend you try!

Of course check with a doctor if you currently take medications or have a health condition.

When used properly, the benefits of phenibut may astound you.

Phenibut can temporarily eliminate your anxiety to a highly pleasurable level, benefit you on a date, improve your sleep, and even enhance your sex!

I know I won’t be putting it away anytime soon!




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My name is Regan Jacklin and I managed to overcome 10 years of depression and anxiety with the methods talked about on this site. I love to read, play sports, travel, cook, and most importantly, challenge myself. I hope you find the content on this site helpful!

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Mindnudged - 02/03/2017 Reply

Really great and informative article on Phenibut. I have used Phenibut for exposure therapy for anxiety and have found it to increase my self confidence and productivity – i wrote an article on this here if you want to take a look 🙂

Dave - 04/03/2017 Reply

Phenibut is an excellent addition to exposure therapy if your looking to kill social anxiety, or just to unwind at the end if a tough week. If your on the fence about ‘popping a pill’ to help solve your problem you’ve got nothing to lose, except your anxiety. Give it a try you’ll be suprised that this supplement actually works.

    Regan - 04/03/2017 Reply

    Hey Dave, I am glad you like phenibut as well. The stuff is awesome!

Markus - 20/06/2017 Reply

Hey Regan,

Have you tried PB from vendors other than PN? Quality can be hit or miss with a lot of vendors.

Also, if you have sleep problems and want something you can take every day look into Sensoril (or KSM-66) Ashwagandha. Working wonders for me at the moment.

Regan - 20/06/2017 Reply

Hey Markus, I tried Liftmode’s phenibut before and found it less reliable than PeakNootropics. I have tried Ashwaghanda before due to popular opinion of the herb but for whatever reason, it does not sit well with me.

I will definitely look into Sensoril. At the moment I do find myself using Melatonin quite frequently and I would like to find an alternative. My mind likes to wander when it should shut down.

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