Wisdom For The Young – Get Wise BEFORE You Get Old

There isn’t much to desire about getting old. Your energy decreases, your bones become as brittle as glass, your looks fade, and your strength leaves you more and more each year. Rumors even say your boners get weaker… Yikes. No thanks. The only benefit old people seem to have is wisdom. They learn how to approach […]

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How to Overcome Obsessive and Ruminating Thoughts

Have you ever noticed there’s an internal voice constantly chattering away inside your head? Few like to admit to hearing voices but, the truth is, we’re all accompanied through life by an inner monologue. This internal voice is forever analyzing, interpreting, and commenting on what’s happening. Or what happened. Or what might happen. “I can’t […]

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The Interrogation

My good friend and fellow blogger Rory Mackay challenged me with the following ten questions to introduce me to his audience at Unbrokenself.com. These questions were so powerful that I had to share them here as well. Enter and enjoy: What were the main reasons you created your website RefinedMindset.com? Throughout my teenage years and […]

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2 Depression is a liar

Depression Is A Liar: Ask These Questions to Expose It

Depression is a liar. It has no soul, no conscience. If depression was a person, it would be among the ranks of Bernie Madoff, Frank Abagnale, or Victor Lustig. Depression will come knocking on your door dressed in a nice suit. It will try to sell you the concepts of self-pity, low self-worth, impatience, and […]

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