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How to Overcome Obsessive and Ruminating Thoughts

Have you ever noticed there’s an internal voice constantly chattering away inside your head? Few like to admit to hearing voices but, the truth is, we’re all accompanied through life by an inner monologue. This internal voice is forever analyzing, interpreting, and commenting on what’s happening. Or what happened. Or what might happen. “I can’t […]

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Mindset shifts

Mindset Shifts For Rock Solid Mental Stability

Anyone facing depression and anxiety naturally deals with more bad days than good. These bad days feed a negative cycle that can seem impossible to escape. You wake up in the wrong state of mind and carry it throughout the day. This affects every decision you make and a great many of those decisions further […]

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4 Peaceful home

Your Home Is Your Sanctuary, Make It So

You wake up to the sound of your alarm already in discomfort. Your anxiety has your heart pounding and your mind racing about the day ahead of you. A quick morning routine complete and you are off on your way to work. Upon arriving, you are greeted by the uncomfortable familiarity of your workplace. This […]

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