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Fasting for 24 hours

4 Reasons Everyone Should Experiment With Fasting

Fasting for 24 hours was unlike anything I’ve ever been experienced. Waves of hunger pains overwhelmed my body and my emotions thrashed about like a baby mid-tantrum. As a result, my discipline was put to the test on an hourly basis. At the peak of the rollercoaster, the perspective was breathtaking. My recent fasting experiment […]

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Finding Freedom Amid Limitation: Living With Chronic Fatigue

Finding Freedom Amid Limitation: Living With Chronic Fatigue by Rory B Mackay Often in life, it’s not so much our aspirations, our desires or even our achievements that define us. It’s our challenges. To a large extent, the way we deal with life’s inevitable challenges determines the person we become. There are two types of […]

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4 My Dark Diary

A Day In The Life of a Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

Dark Diary entry: June 24th, 2015 I woke up to the sound of my alarm desperate for at least another few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, like always, that wasn’t going to happen. I stumbled out of bed miserable and exhausted.  The only thought that could possibly excite my mind was thinking of the point in […]

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2 wake the hell up

How To Wake The Hell Up Without Coffee

Rise And Shine When you need to wake the hell up in the morning, is your first instinct to reach for a coffee? For those of us suffering from fatigue, coffee can have us feeling like smeagle from lord of the rings. It is often the first thing we run to for a pick-me-up at […]

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