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Wisdom For The Young – Get Wise BEFORE You Get Old

There isn’t much to desire about getting old. Your energy decreases, your bones become as brittle as glass, your looks fade, and your strength leaves you more and more each year. Rumors even say your boners get weaker… Yikes. No thanks. The only benefit old people seem to have is wisdom. They learn how to approach […]

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genius learned

Genius Learned.

Who is smarter: the man born a genius that oozes into his couch playing Xbox, or the man who comes from nothing but seeks every opportunity to advance? If you aren’t one of the select few who were born a genius, you can feel plagued by feelings of insecurity. Ceilings become placed on our potential […]

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Fasting for 24 hours

4 Reasons Everyone Should Experiment With Fasting

Fasting for 24 hours was unlike anything I’ve ever been experienced. Waves of hunger pains overwhelmed my body and my emotions thrashed about like a baby mid-tantrum. As a result, my discipline was put to the test on an hourly basis. At the peak of the rollercoaster, the perspective was breathtaking. My recent fasting experiment […]

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2 disciplined man

The Disciplined Man Controls His Destiny

The Disciplined Man Line up 10 people side by side and it will be obvious who has the most discipline. You could pick him out of the crowd 100% of the time. The disciplined man is well-dressed, in great shape, and can’t stop moving because life is waiting for him. His discipline has brought worthwhile things […]

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