Change Your Perception Of Time – Change Your Life

Time Is Elusive

Anyone over the age of 20 will likely recognize the fact that life is short, howeverhow many people actually do something with that fact?

Despite the fact that most of us know that time is limited, we still fail to give it value.

Time is more valuable than money and it is time we change our perception of it.

The way you view your time will change how you spend it, and when you change how you spend your time, you will change your life.

Your minutes are treated like pennies and your days like single dollars. When you can begin to see each day for the thousands it is worth, your priorities will change.

All of a sudden investing a thousand dollars worth of time on Netflix and video games doesn’t seem wise.


The Single Experience That Changed My Perception Of Time

There are a few days in my life which I can remember very vividly.

Each of these days felt as though they were going to last longer than an eternity.

One, in particular, was a cloudy day in August of 2013.

I spent the day working at my job with what could only be described as the worst hangover anyone had lived to tell about.

Hangovers, for myself, often brought with them the question of “how am I going to make it through today?”, but this one was different.

It was a monster in its own weight class.

In my mind, there was literally no conceivable way that I would (or could) live to see the sun rise another day or spend another evening with my family.

I remember looking up at the clock, only to realize that there was still another two full hours left in my workday.

After that, I don’t remember much besides the inside of a toilet bowl and awkwardly avoiding my boss at work whenever possible.

Eventually, the most uncomfortable experience imaginable passed.

Those two inconceivable long hours now reside nearly four years in the past.

Four years is roughly 35,000 hours.

Not only did I survive two hours, I survived 1000’s.

The kicker? It still feels like yesterday.

Unfortunately, I have almost no idea what I have done with the majority of those hours and nothing to show for them.

Only within the last year has this struck me like lightning and revealed to me the secret to being productive and acquiring success.

Time fucking flies. 

Change your perception of time and you will change your life.

Everyday brings opportunity to invest time into yourself, whether it be your business, homework, your physique, your relationships etc.

Embrace being uncomfortable for an hour or two a day. Do what you know is good for you, not what is easy.

Make chores into habits and all of a sudden they bring pleasure into your life.

What seemed like hard work will make you smile when you receive the rewards.

If you have to clean toilets for an hour a day to get where you want, suck it up.

If you want to be comfortable in the future, get uncomfortable today.

The future will be here before you know it.

You can introduce yourself to the future with a smile on your face and a life full of accomplishments, or you don’t need to introduce yourself at all because you will be the exact same person, completely recognizable.


The Beauty of Life – The Pain Never Lasts.

When facing any of life’s toughest obstacles such as depression, chronic anxiety, a severe injury, illness, a layoff, a breakup, etc, always remember: it will get better in time.

It may take a year and you may need to invest that year productively.

As we are beginning to understand, time is relative to your perception.

Realistically evaluate how long a year really is.

Remember your last birthday?  I certainly do, like it was yesterday.

Promise yourself an investment of one year and constantly keep your focus on how short one year really is.

What were you doing this time last year?  Does your life look better than it was?

If not, that is great.

If life fell into your lap, you wouldn’t appreciate the fruits of your labor and the growth of character you will unknowingly develop.

The reward is in the work and there is no reward like overcoming something you never imagined possible.

One year will pass, like a train guaranteed to arrive at its destination whether you are on board or not.


Nobody Wants To Spend Their Time, They Would Rather Waste It

If you placed each hour of your day with a monetary value, would you still be willing to throw it out?

When you are feeling tired or lazy, just invest one hour into yourself no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Imagine that a single productive hour was worth $1000 to you.

That hour will pass before you know it, leaving you with something to show for it.

More often than not, that grind will energize you and create momentum.

You will start to see your time as an investment and yourself as the savings account.

Transformation will inevitably follow you like a puppy dog.


Humans Are The Only Species Aware Of Time

Do you think lions or tigers walk around checking their watches to see if they can go home and be lazy?

Animals show up and do what needs to be done before they retire for the night. In fact, it is crucial to their survival.

Their lack of perception of time means they quit when the job is done, not when the clock says so.

Unlike animals, humans are entitled.

We spend a little money on our food and other conveniences and besides exerting the minimal output at work, we never really learn work ethic.

Everything has been given to us or bought with money.

When confronted with a real life problem, the majority of people forget how to overcome it.

If something takes a few hours or a few years of time, people begin to shy away faster than the sun in the winter.

If you were an animal, and your hunt yielded no catch, you would go to bed hungry because things didn’t fall into your lap.

The strong spend the extra time and go to sleep on a full stomach and have energy and momentum to do it again the next day.

Your time, when positively directed, can get you anything you want.

Stack your hours like bricks in a pyramid and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Paint yourself a mental picture, imagining the new life that could await you.

With your new perception of time go out and get it.

365 days, 8760 hours, 525,000 minutes.

Use them wisely.



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About the Author

Sharing my past experiences battling anxiety, fatigue and depression in hopes that I can help you with your own personal struggles.

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Ray Kingsman - 25/05/2017 Reply

Great post dude. Time does fucking fly if you are not careful. There are so many events in my life that happened years ago but feel like yesterday.

People need to invest time into improving themselves. They will be shocked how far they can get in couple months by just focusing on one goal for a coupe hours a day.

Seriously. Great work. It reminded how precious our time is.


    Regan - 25/05/2017 Reply

    Thanks Ray I appreciate the comment. So true man, a few months of daily persistence can make enormous changes in any area of your life!

Molly - 27/05/2017 Reply

Great article Regan. This was really helpful and insightful to me as lately time seems to be going real slow for me but the reason for this is because Iv lost track of what is really important and what my daily commitments are. Time is of the essense and we should all use it wisely.

Regan - 27/05/2017 Reply

Thanks Molly! Time provides abundant opportunities but only for those willing to go and get them. I hope you can begin to tackle those commitments again

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