The Disciplined Man Controls His Destiny

disciplined man

The Disciplined Man

Line up 10 people side by side and it will be obvious who has the most discipline. You could pick him out of the crowd 100% of the time.

The disciplined man is well-dressed, in great shape, and can’t stop moving because life is waiting for him. His discipline has brought worthwhile things into his life and unmatched excitement.

He understands that discipline is the only factor between failure and success – depression and happiness. If you are depressed and you don’t agree, you lack discipline.

You are lying to yourself about your level of commitment to your life.

The disciplined man’s life is no easier than yours. In fact, his discipline originates in hardship. Hell is too hot so the disciplined man says f*ck this. He cultivates positive disciplines by any means necessary and marches on out.

Through trials of fire, a greater person emerges. This person is healthier, wealthier, and wiser. He has an enthusiasm about his life he never knew possible. His confidence grows to new heights.


Disciplining The Mind

Above all else, the disciplined man takes control of his mind. He does not allow pessimistic thoughts to roam idly. He does whatever it takes to make optimism his default state as he is aware that he creates his own reality.

He strives for wisdom and does not spend a day without feeding his mind. Through the continual renewing of his mind, a new world begins to appear before him.

He knows if there is a problem he can will fix it.

He knows that for every problem he overcomes there is a blessing in disguise – A perspective foreign to many.

If he is unhappy with his body he changes it. When he wakes up every day dreading his job, he comes home and works on his escape plan. If he has a real health problem causing his unhappiness, he does not spend a day without working towards fixing it.

The disciplined man is patient above all else. When his problems persist despite his effort, he refuses to quit. He overcomes all obstacles and pushes forward. If he quit, he wouldn’t be a disciplined man, would he?


Discipline Isn’t Easy But It Is Fun

'An undisciplined life is an insane life' - Socrates

If it was easy to have discipline everyone’s dreams would be a reality. Take a look around you. Does it look like anyone is living their dream? How many people do you see smiling?

A disciplined man has to make sacrifices. He says no to partying with his friends every weekend. He stops eating out all the time. Hell, he even stops watching porn once he realizes how bad it is for him. The disciplined man knows that all bad habits multiply and all good habits inspire further improvement.

While his life appeared to be boring, the disciplined man was progressing through life faster than a bullet in comparison to his friends.

It only took a few weeks for his disciplines to begin to yield good fruits. His “boring” life quickly became an adventure. The disciplined man learned to love his life and everything within it. Opportunities became abundant as difficulties became distant memories.

The things the disciplined man used to hate are now the things he can’t go a day without. The gym becomes his therapy, he is up at the crack of dawn to move closer to his dreams. He might even be that guy who orders a salad and water when he goes out to a restaurant.


How Can YOU Cultivate Discipline?

The first step to becoming more disciplined is to desire a change.

You must realize that you have so much more potential. You can make more money, have a great relationship, be the fittest guy in any room.

Anything your heart desires you can have with time and discipline.

When you know what you wish to change, further analyze why you need to change it. Are you lonely, out of shape, broke, or depressed? All of the above? The disciplined man knows that is no way to live. He won’t be caught dead living that life again.

Paint a mental picture of what a disciplined life could do for you. Do you like what you see?

There is only a gap between you and your dream. By filling in the gap, you can walk to your dream on the bridge you built with discipline and good habits.

You can be confident in who you are. You can respect yourself and attract the respect of others rather than beg for it.

If you refuse to settle for less, life will give you more. If the couch is good enough for you, watching the disciplined man stride through life will always make you depressed.

A great life isn’t reserved for the lucky, it is reserved for those who have discipline.

Stop suppressing your dreams – embrace them and give them light. Acknowledge the greatness your future has in store for you and push through any weakness holding you back.



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PJ Pires - 06/09/2017 Reply

Discipline will set us free.

    Regan - 08/09/2017 Reply

    True. There is power in those five words that many will never quite understand.

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