4 Reasons Everyone Should Experiment With Fasting

Fasting for 24 hours was unlike anything I’ve ever been experienced.

Waves of hunger pains overwhelmed my body and my emotions thrashed about like a baby mid-tantrum. As a result, my discipline was put to the test on an hourly basis.

At the peak of the rollercoaster, the perspective was breathtaking. My recent fasting experiment had a noteworthy impact on how I viewed daily life, my surroundings, and myself. 

There are quite a few reasons you may wish to experiment with fasting yourself. Each one of them is worthwhile on its own.

Fasting can improve your energy, help you lose weight, and even reduce the risk of cancer. More importantly, fasting will teach you valuable lessons that nothing else could.

If you are ready for an eye opening experience – here are a few reasons you may wish to try fasting yourself:


Fasting Builds Discipline

Fasting for 24 hours

Locating food is the primitive brains biggest source of stress. Eating is a biologically necessary ‘addiction’ as the brain perceives food as a requirement for survival.

Our ancestors never knew where their next meal was coming from. This was their reason to get up in the morning.

A primitive brain knows it needs to find a meal or it would perish.

However, while our ancestors would be lucky to eat twice a day,  you and I have trained our brains to expect food constantly.

No wonder people aren’t able to lose weight! (More below)

With discipline, you can do anything for 24 hours. You can even retrain your over-evolved brain to overcome bad habits

If there is a habit you know you shouldn’t be doing but can’t stop: try fasting for 24 hours.

If you can go without food for an entire day, you can go without your vice. Everything else will pale in comparison to a biological need.

If you can go without your vice for 24 hours, you can do it again. The first day is always the hardest.

Fasting will teach you to ignore your greedy brain – It is boot camp for discipline.


Fasting Improves Weight Loss And Body Fat Reduction

If you have trouble losing weight, fasting could be a goldmine for you.

By fasting for 24 hours, I was able to lose 3.3 lbs and over 2% body fat!

After completing the fast, I had an epic cheat meal. It consisted of o-so-delectable home made mac and cheese, 10 oz of chicken breast, and two junior chickens from McDonald’s (because I earned them).

The next day I was still 0.8 lbs below baseline and I had only gained 1% of the body fat back. Without the ridiculous follow up meal, I would have kept more of that weight off.

By fasting for 24 hours I dropped 1-1.5% body fat.

Best of all – You can do the same!

Get Shredded With Fasting


So why is fasting so effective for losing body fat?

Studies have shown that fasting for extended periods of time can dramatically increase growth hormone levels within the body.

Growth hormone has been dubbedthe fountain of youth“. It improves sleep quality, bone density, well-being, and most importantly the ability to burn fat and build muscle.

Growth hormone is fundamental to our quality of life. Many individuals are even willing to pay $1000’s per month to restore youthful levels by supplementation.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to attempt to get the same results through a fast?

Fasting is also a great way to get into “ketosis” – a state in which the body begins to use fat stores for energy rather than the typical usage of glucose.

This helps burn fat at rates which may be unfamiliar to you.

(Note: Supplemental ketones are also a great way to reach ketosis. Results typically happen much faster but still require low calories.)

If you would like to know more about ketosis, go check out the Tim Ferriss Show with Dom D’Agostino.


Retraining Eating Habits

I am the kind of person who eats every three hours or is a prime candidate for a snickers commercial.

I stopped eating food at 8 PM and by 11 PM my stomach somehow gained access to a megaphone – screaming at me to smarten up.

Stomach Fasting

'Cut this out right now!' - My stomach

It took me over two hours to fall asleep as I waited for the desperate rumbles of my stomach to subside.

The following day – the entire day – eating was all I could think about.


Fasting will raise your awareness to how often you snack. If you snack all day and night, you will inevitably gain some unwanted weight.

It will also contrast how often you eat out of desire versus out of necessity. While my stomach threw a tantrum, it was a childish cry for attention – not something important.

Take this awareness and bring it to your diet every day and you will experience a transformation that has people noticing.


Gratitude Can Be Self-Taught In 24 Hours

As I raised a fork to my mouth for the first time in 24 hours joy overwhelmed every neuron in my brain.

Never in my life have I appreciated food so much.

Fasting for 24 hours was a portal to the third world lifestyle – well part of it at least.

Dealing with hunger pain and constant moodiness are manageable for 24 hours but they are no way to live your life.

This experience was incredibly difficult but I had the security and confidence that I got to eat at the end of the day.

Can you imagine the impacts it would have on your quality of life if you did not have that reassurance?

Imagine if the source and time of your next meal were constantly unknown. Imagine the feeling of helplessness as you see your family going through the same pains.

These are worries the likes of you and I will never have to suffer. These are the struggles a large part of the world deals with daily.

Our fridge and pantry answer the most important question to human survival – what are you going to eat today?

Unfortunately, the majority of us take it for granted. Fasting is a surefire way to gain some gratitude overnight and start appreciating the “little” things.

Anything that can increase your gratitude is highly worth doing. Your levels of gratitude directly relate to your well being.

The more things in life you can enjoy, the more enjoyment you get out of life.


Fasting Will Improve Productivity

Despite having far reduced calorie intake during this fast, my energy output was significantly increased.

I have dealt with brain fog on and off for years and nothing removed it as well as fasting did. My mental clarity was leaps and bounds above what it was on a normal day (for the most part).

I have made serious alterations to my diet since doing this fast. I grew up believing that breakfast was the most important meal of the day yet I always found myself bogged down and tired before lunch.

Your energy and mental clarity suffer when you constantly spike your blood sugar with food. Fasting can raise your awareness to how your diet is impacting you and your health.

If you deal with chronic fatigue or brain fog this may be a solution worth investigating.


A Few Tips For Your First Fast

This was not a walk in the park.

My happy ramblings come after the point of completion but the ride itself was an enormous challenge.

Many people will lack the will power to complete something like this. However, I know you are not one of the masses.

This is an experience everybody should do at least once so I will try to make this as easy as possible for you.

Here are some tricks that will seal your victory:


Tricks For Fasting For 24 Hours

fasting for 24 hours

#1. Eat A Huge Last Meal Before Starting

This is one time it is completely acceptable to stuff your face.

Eat clean as this meal will be the only source of nutrients you get for the next 24 hours.

Choose to binge on burgers and ice cream and you will feel like crap the next day and consequently, you probably won’t finish the fast.


#2. Plan Your Success Meal

Plan what you are going to eat when you finish before you start.

I did not do this. Come to the 21-hour mark I began to entertain the idea of food again.

Being quite proud of myself, I started to think of what I would allow myself to eat.

Huge mistake.

The last few hours immediately became more difficult and I couldn’t stop trying to plan the perfect meal.

Know what you are going to eat and then ignore the idea of food at all costs until you are saved by the bell.  I found this to be 70% of the battle.

Fasting for 24 hours


#3. Do It On Your Day Off

At times, you are going to get cranky, lightheaded, and even fatigued.

If you choose to do it on a day you work, you will be dealing with much more energy expenditure which you will feel the need to replace with food.

Depending on your work environment, you may also be surrounded by other people eating.

Doing it on my day off was likely the only reason I succeeded.

I sat in my room with no food in sight and nobody to tempt me. Additionally, I didn’t waste an ounce of energy and I had nobody to direct my crankiness at.


#4. Stay Mentally Distracted

Read a book, play video games, watch Netflix.

Do whatever you have to do to keep your mind off of food.


#5. Have An Accountability Partner

Text a friend or two who would support you on this journey and let them know when you start. If you have a friend who has done it themselves – even better.

If at any point you are close to breaking, give them a text or go hang out with them. 

The last two hours of the fast I couldn’t stay at home any longer. I went to visit a supportive friend who managed to keep me distracted until it was time to eat.

He also put up with my stank mood. Hopefully, your friend will be as forgiving.


#6. Drink Lots Of Water

Fill the void in your stomach with as much water as possible.

Staying hydrated will also aid the detoxification process provided by fasting.

A fast to some involves no water. I drank lots. Choose your path.


#7. Remember You Will Survive

At the end of the day you will still be in your bed like every other night.

Your instincts might tell you it is not natural to not eat. Your brain might cry in agony convincing you that you are going to die. 

Remember, people have survived for well over 30 days without food.

You can survive fasting for 24 hours and you will be a better, stronger, person when you do.


If you have fasted in the past let us know how it benefited you. Let us know any tricks you used for making the process easier!

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