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genius learned

Who is smarter: the man born a genius that oozes into his couch playing Xbox, or the man who comes from nothing but seeks every opportunity to advance?

If you aren’t one of the select few who were born a genius, you can feel plagued by feelings of insecurity. Ceilings become placed on our potential by what we think we are capable of with our level of  intelligence.

Thankfully, you have uncultivated genius inside of you. Better yet, it is nearly unlimited.

Those with a natural intellectual advantage may not feel the need to seek knowledge (remember our Xbox playing friend?). Our advantage is a constant need to seek wisdom and information.  You may have to try harder, but those that went before you left a paper trail.


What Books Can Do For Your Life

Books are the most under-utilised resource on the planet. You can think of them as cheat codes to your life.

If there is something you wish to learn, you can simply pick up a book and learn about it. Each book serves as another step on the ascension to your dream life.

Google “the man with the highest IQ in the world”. Do you know his name? Have you ever heard of a single one of his accomplishments?

Me neither.

How about someone like Warren Buffett?

The man is hailed as a genius for making billions of dollars, yet if you learn about him you’ll know exactly why.

Warren Buffett wasn’t born a genius. Warren Buffett has been quoted to read for five or six hours per day. His bank account is living proof that he has solved the formula for intelligent living.

So what is intelligent living? It boils down to a simple formula.

To solve the first part of the intelligence equation we have to know how to to go about accomplishing our goal. If you don’t know what to do, all you have to do is read an educational book on the subject.

Someone before you was obsessed with the same subjects you are interested in. They have put countless hours of blood sweat and tears into learning about your passion.

For the price of lunch, you can sit down and pick their brains through their words. In four hours of your attention, you can absorb 20 years of someone’s dedication – what an advantage.


Begin Playing On Another Level

The second part of the intelligence equation is discipline.

Don’t be one of the masses who disregards books in favour of more immediate leisure’s such as video games or Netflix.

Commit to the discipline of reading regularly and then applying what you know. By saturating your mind with the right information and following through, you will witness a new reality appear before your eyes, a more favourable one without question.

You can learn your way out of mediocrity and into greatness. You can learn your way into a brighter future and a bigger fortune.

Genius is learned, created, and applied.



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