My Personal Goals For Mental Health, Success, And This Blog In 2017

Personal Goals

While many of my posts are more “how to” and somewhat instructional in nature, I have a keen desire to keep this blog personal.  One way I wish to do this is by sharing my personal goals for this year.

I am not some robot, or ghost writer.  This blog is written by a real person and I plan on developing real connections with my readers.

In order to do this, I want to continue to inform you on my life.  Some people will enjoy this and others may skip right over it.  Both are fine.

Keeping this blog personal is also therapeutic in a sense for myself.  By writing to the public I have an extra sense of accountability, which honestly I feel we all need.

Now that all of that is out of the way I want to share my personal goals for 2017.

Of course, as is this blog, they are all mental health and fatigue related.

I will power through them through thick and thin, and I will emerge stronger than ever next month, next year, and even the next decade.  My goals don’t stop when the sun sets, or when the year ends.

I hope you join me on this path, whether you find this post January 1st or October 15th, I will be here working, never fear you are late to the party.

We are all stronger together.


Complete 30 Days Of Discipline

While this isn’t so much a goal as it is a means of getting off to the right start.

30 Days of Discipline is like guard rails at the bowling alley, making it impossible for a gutter ball.

I refuse to let this year go in the gutter.

If you are unaware, this program is a 30 day set of instructions which requires effort and dedication.

Primarily, 30 Days of Discipline can be defined as boot-camp for keeping motivation through the highs and lows.  At the end of the 30 days you have developed enough grit to push through almost anything the year will throw your way.

Personally, I completed it last year and saw lasting benefits.  I believe that anything life changing needs to be revisited, so for the month of January I will be undergoing mental boot camp once again.


Fix My Sleep Schedule

I have a horrible habit of going to bed late, and I am without a doubt a night owl.

Every morning I wake up looking forward to getting to bed early, drag my ass through the day, and then find myself up till 1 am again…

Thankfully my current job doesn’t require me to be up early.

I do this despite knowing about the Circadian Rhythm and it’s effects upon the body.

As someone who constantly battles with fatigue, I need to take this more seriously and it is imperative to my well being.

Whenever I do manage to get to bed early, I always feel more productive the next day.  I can’t imagine what I could accomplish if I had that level of productivity everyday.

The fact that this is simple and makes big changes puts this at the top of my personal goals for 2017.


Exterminate My Coffee Addiction

I have done it before, and unfortunately I have to do it again.

In the past I have wrote an article on coffee and anxiety, knowing full well how it can be harmful for those of us with anxiety disorders.

Despite my knowledge, I am an imperfect human, and my coffee habit reclaimed its spot in my life.

Let me clear something up…I am not a 3 cup per day drinker, but I “need” a coffee mid day or my energy nose dives and my mood goes with it.

Chronic fatigue has always been a large outlet of my depression and coffee tends to expel a great portion of that at the cost of increasing my anxiety.

My mind often forgets anxiety makes me just as depressed as fatigue does, so realistically I am swimming upstream.

I feel as though cleaning up my diet, and sleep pattern will eventually eliminate the need for coffee.  The first month will be a struggle, but it has to be done.


Propel This Blog To Greatness

I have hardly scratched the surface of my personal goals for our mental health blog.

Take my word when I say this blog will be exponentially greater than it currently is in one years time.

Channeling my thoughts and experiences through this blog has been the ultimate therapy for me.  Not to mention I have a genuine opportunity to help people through the toughest times in their life.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone else, and I firmly believe you should feel the same if you ever expect to overcome your own obstacles.

Through this blog I feel as though I have a purpose to wake up in the morning, something of which I was desperately missing at the peak of my depression.

By the end of 2017 I plan to have a minimum of 75 posts of ever-increasing quality.

My ideas and information I wish to express are seemingly endless in my mind, and more than anything I am currently finding my footing, learning to write in a manner worth reading.

I plan on practicing this skill every day, refining the content and then sharing it with anyone who could use it.


Care To Share?

I would love to hear how you plan to overcome your obstacles this year!

If you have personal goals let me know in the comments below, if you don’t let’s find out how we can make some for you!



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About the Author

My name is Regan Jacklin and I managed to overcome 10 years of depression and anxiety with the methods talked about on this site. I love to read, play sports, travel, cook, and most importantly, challenge myself. I hope you find the content on this site helpful!

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Peter - 05/01/2017 Reply

Hi Alex

I can relate to a number of the challenges you face. Right now, I share your sleeping pattern and coffee problem…:)

And yes, both need to be fixed.

Thanx for an awesome blog, and all the best for 2017 and beyond.

Regan - 05/01/2017 Reply

Hey Peter, thank you for the kind words!

Let’s crush them

Rory - 15/01/2017 Reply

You;re doing an amazing job, sir, and I wish you all the best for 2017, personally, health wise and for your blog also!

    Regan - 17/01/2017 Reply

    Thank you Rory! I hope you can conquer your goals in 2017 with me!

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